Balance and 'body kindness': JSHealth's Jessica Sepel

Balance and ‘body kindness’: JSHealth’s Jessica Sepel shares her tips for wellbeing and business


In her fourth year of studying health and nutrition at university, Jessica Sepel started a blog. In the beginning, it was a “personal diary”, she tells Women’s Agenda, where she chronicled her personal journey going from fad dieting to eating a more whole-food, balanced diet. 

“It just felt like being vulnerable was going to be able to help people, and I did not expect that once I would share my story (publicly), just how many people would resonate,” she said.

When it went public, the blog quickly amassed a dedicated following, which Sepel expertly grew even further, securing a book deal, creating JSHealth programs, a smartphone app, along with her most popular venture: JSHealth Vitamins. 

Sepel says her is a passion for nutrition and helping others has always guided her business decisions.

“Being authentic and vulnerable is always a good thing,” she says. “People just love and appreciate it. Don’t overthink it because you can’t really plan for the journey of businesses, as it just sort of happens how it’s meant to.” 

Sepel is the latest to feature in our How I Manage My Health series, examining how dynamic women from different career backgrounds manage their physical and mental health.

Read Jessica Sepel’s full “How I Manage My Health” profile below, and see other women profiled in this series here.


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Jessica Sepel

What’s one key thing you’re working on right now that you’re really excited about?

As a customer-first company, the goal for us is to make JSHealth Vitamins the most trusted wellness brand in the world and to help as many people as we possibly can to thrive. That was the goal from day one, and how it remains, so I’m incredibly excited about our recent expansion into the Asia-Pacific region, with our first step being in Singapore through Watsons. This expansion marks a new chapter for us as we continue our mission to support our community on their wellness journeys, around the globe. 

Singapore is a place known for its dynamic lifestyle and health-conscious citizens, making it an ideal starting point. Partnering with Watsons, a leading health and beauty retailer there, allows us to reach more people and provide them with the tools they need to nourish their bodies and minds, both inside and out.

The excitement behind this expansion isn’t about business growth for me, but about bringing our message of balanced, sustainable wellness to more and more people.. It’s about sharing the power of wholesome nutrition and self-care routines, and helping individuals around the world to feel their best – that’s the JSHealth way.

I am incredibly grateful for the opportunity to connect with and learn from diverse cultures. As we progress, I look forward to seeing how our JSHealth community in the Asia-Pacific region evolves and grows.

What does your morning routine typically look like? 

I always start the day on a positive note – it has such a powerful ripple effect on my whole day ahead.  Each morning I’ll wake up around 7.30am to have 7-8 hours sleep daily. I continue my technology ban from the evening (I switch off around 8pm each night) – no checking of social media, texts or emails –  until after I’ve been awake for at least 30-40 minutes and practised my wholesome morning routine.

I love to begin with a 30-minute workout from the JSHealth App, followed by a piccolo coffee, and a 10 minute meditation practice, and then I get ready for work. I usually eat breakfast once I get to the office. At the moment, I love fuelling my body with the JSHealth Power Protein Smoothie or my current obsession, a quick and easy-to-make bowl of oats – my Banana Bread Overnight Oats!

Do you have any top tips for staying focused on key tasks? 

Running a business can get overwhelming, so I’m a big  believer in the power of prioritising. Each day, I identify the top three tasks that align with my goals and commit to completing them. This keeps me focused and prevents me from becoming stressed out by a long to-do list.

I also practise mindfulness. Being present in each task, rather than thinking about the next thing on my list, increases my productivity and the quality of my work. It also reduces stress and enhances creativity, which is really important for me when I am working on developing new formulas – my primary focus at JSHealth. For this process I need the mental space to connect with what my community needs for their health, delve into the research of ingredients and work intuitively with all of this and my wellness knowledge in order to create products that stand out and deliver.

Also, taking regular breaks is essential. This may seem counterintuitive when you’re busy, but research shows that short breaks can significantly improve focus and productivity. I usually step away from my desk, do some stretches or practise a quick 10-minute meditation from the JSHealth App

Do you have a framework or key rules or procedures for organising your day? 

I never use the word ‘rules’ as to me it sounds too rigid, and I’ve learned that we need to maintain the ability to be flexible in all areas of our wellness, including a healthy work routine. However, daily structure is key for me to stay organised and productive, especially when the days get very busy! I start off the day on a strong note with my morning routine – that’s a non-negotiable. 

Due to my varied schedule, days do often look a little different, but I like to check in with my plan and prioritise or plan anything needed. During the day, I always make sure to schedule breaks and personal time. It’s essential for maintaining balance and avoiding burnout! 

Having a routine is important and flexibility is key. Some days will be unpredictable, and that’s okay. The goal is to have a framework that helps you manage your day effectively – but always be kind to yourself if things don’t go exactly as planned. 

Once the day wraps, I look forward to cooking a JSHealth dinner and spending time with my hubby Dean (our night walks are my favourite time of day) so that I can recharge and do it all again tomorrow! This is a really important part of my daily framework, outside of “work hours”.

Can you share a time when your work really tested or even harmed your health and wellbeing? 

Building a business can be incredibly tough and demanding. When you accept this fact, it actually gets easier to prioritise your own wellbeing as part of the process, rather than an afterthought.

It will be even more challenging when you build a brand based on care for your customers, as your natural inclination is to put their needs first. However, it’s essential to remember that you can serve others more effectively when you are at your best, both physically and mentally.

On the journey, there have definitely been times when certain aspects of my work have encouraged me to step outside of my comfort zone. Team management is the ultimate test, especially with an ever-growing global team ! I am so committed to a healthy work culture, so constantly being aware of this and managing personalities has previously been a challenge for my husband and I in the past. As with all things in life, challenges are opportunities for growth. We’ve learned so much from these experiences and have taken proactive steps to create a really vibrant company culture – we are more like a family! Today, I’m proud to say that our work environment is the most positive and supportive it’s ever been.

How do you stay active?

20 minutes a day of movement is my foundation! I believe in listening to your body – it knows what it needs. You don’t have to push yourself through exhausting workouts. 

Find a form of movement that you genuinely enjoy and commit to it. I used to force myself through workouts, motivated by wanting to look a certain way. These days I only workout in ways that I love…to FEEL good – with a kind, compassionate and gentle approach. This is what we call ‘body kindness’- it’s the JSHealth way.

The JSHealth App offers quick and easy workouts that can fit into anyone’s schedule, no matter how busy. You can do them from the comfort of your home, or even your office – which is where you’ll often find me squeezing in a workout! 

Can you share a key thing you regularly do (or aspire to do more) that really supports your wellbeing?

Gratitude: it may sound cliche, but giving thanks has become an important part of my daily routine, especially after experiencing a mental health crisis over the past two years.

During that challenging time, my perspective on life changed drastically. I found myself longing for peace of mind and appreciating the simple things in life that I previously took for granted. Today, I make it a point to express gratitude for my health, my husband and my loved ones.

Practising gratitude doesn’t have to be elaborate. It can be as simple as taking a moment each day to acknowledge what you’re thankful for. For me, this short daily practice has had a profound impact. It serves as a reminder of the good in my life, helps to keep things in perspective, and nurtures a positive mindset.

How do you manage your health when working remotely or from home?

Working remotely or from home has its unique challenges, but it also provides opportunities to care for your wellbeing.

For me, it allows for more quality time with my loved ones, which is incredibly nurturing for the soul. I also make use of the flexibility to engage in workouts that I genuinely enjoy, whether that’s a yoga class, a swim in the ocean or simply taking a mindful walk.

Cooking at home is another advantage. I love preparing delicious, nutritious meals from the JSHealth App. The process of cooking and eating wholesome food can be deeply satisfying and beneficial for overall health.

Working from home also provides a break from social pressures and comparisons, which can often lead to stress. Embracing the slower pace of life and learning to say ‘no’ when necessary are vital parts of self-care and living the Healthy Life. 

Finally, effective stress management is key. For me, this involves daily practices like deep belly breathing or resting with my legs up against a wall. These simple techniques help me unwind, reset and maintain a calm and steady mind amidst the busy schedule!

Considering you’re so present in the health and wellness space, has there been a  particular piece of health advice you always find yourself coming back to?

The most important lesson I’ve learned and find myself coming back to, especially on a personal level, is the importance of prioritising my mental health so I can show up for my business and my community as my absolute best. Something that’s been integral to this is creating self-care rituals, such as switching off from social media every night by 8 pm, moving my body each day in ways that I love, and nourishing myself with wholesome foods. 

The other one is advice from my grandma that I’ve really learned to be true – “Keep boxing” as she says. I have this phrase all through my head during the harder days of building a business. You just have to keep boxing, and you will go far.

What do you want more women to know about their health?

In my journey as a nutritionist and through building the JSHealth community, I’ve had the privilege of hearing countless women share their health concerns. From digestion issues, skin problems, hair health, bloating, anxiety, mood imbalances to sleep disturbances – these are common issues that many women face.

Women must know they are not alone with any of their health concerns. I want women to know they have our support through JSHealth and JSHealth Vitamins.

JSHealth Vitamins came about purely as a way to help support my clients and community’s health and wellbeing. Our goal is that our solution-focused vitamins will give women the confidence and comfort they deserve for a broad range of health concerns. Some of our top women’s targeted supplements at JSHealth Vitamins include Hormone + PMS Support, Vaginal Probiotic+, Menopause+, Detox + Debloat, PM+ Sleep Formula, Skin + Digestion and Hair + Energy.

What I want more women to understand is the importance of letting go of fad dieting and embracing a balanced approach to eating. Being “healthy” doesn’t come from deprivation or restriction, but from balance and kindness towards ourselves. Practising body love daily and building a nourishing, positive relationship with food works for the long haul. The JSHealth way is a wellness philosophy so sustainable, enjoyable and result-driven that it will last a lifetime!


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